Matt quoted some outdoor work for me where the installation was somewhat challenging due where I wanted the weatherproof outlet box and switch placed. I chose him over two others, even though he wasn’t the lowest quote. He took the time to assess what had to be done, he could meet my “quality of installation” requirements for cosmetics and box/switch locations, and he would follow code requirements (if you’ve ever had someone skirt around the NEC, you’ll regret it later). The job even stretched out over a week due to a personal situation I had to deal with, but Matt didn’t gripe about that — he was flexible and accommodating. Work turned out great and I’ve asked him to quote on two more pieces of work.
— Matt O. via Thumbtack

Matt Guion and his staff at MG electric worked as complete professionals on my job completing the job ahead of schedule. I would recommend MG electric for any if not all of my jobs. Matt is an effective leader as well as a master electrician. Thanks Matt for the great job hope to see you on the next one.
— Jim Johnson

I wanted to commend you for the electrical services you performed for me. You installed 4 pendent lights, control switch for fireplace blower, 3 & 4-way switches and a dedicated circuit for two outlets on my rear porch. Your pricing was very reasonable and your services were very professional. You ensured nothing was damaged and took extra care in the clean-up. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. I was also impressed with your knowledge relative to anything electrical.
Again, thank you for your services.
— Jim Albers

My wife and I have been reluctant to install our 50” television over the fireplace of our new home for two reasons. The first being we didn’t want to put holes in our new wall. The second and most pressing issue was the quotes we were getting to get it done. Recently, my wife called R———- HEATING AND AIR. They have either just jumped into a new venture of electrical work or don’t advertise this side. Now I see why. My wife was quoted a nominal fee to have a guy come out and see what needed to be done and another “guestimate” for the completion of the work. After she disclosed to me the quote and the timing of their appointment I reluctantly agreed. The quote still seemed high given the little work on a prefab fire place and drywall. About thirty minutes into the work my wife calls and hands the technician the phone. He goes on and on about how we don’t have the hdmi cables needed to run all we want. I simply asked that they run a dummy line or string and I can pull the wires through myself. He says, “ok.” I get home from work that evening and to my surprise there are no holes in the wall. Obviously, work not done. I ask my wife what happened. She said they couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. I was a little hot. Then she says they would apply the fee towards the next visit when they would complete the work. That calmed me a bit. Then she says, “it was $90.” $90! For a site visit/inspection! Then they quoted her at $800 total to run electricity and hdmi cables a grand total of 10 feet!!! It was two holes, 8 ft of electrical wire and two hdmi cables, that I bought! I, of course, am furious. Talk about taking advantage of a customer. Fortunately, I was given MG Electric as a referral. I called Matt and said, “hey, this is all I need done.” No problem. Matt came out, was very friendly, very clean and very quick. He said he would be there at 7:30 AM and was knocking on the door at 7:29AM. His charge was drastically lower and he explained what he had done and how he did it. It frustrates me that these large companies take advantage of their customers like they do. My wife and I are in the real estate related business. I have and will continue to refer everyone to MG Electric. He was honest, on time, up front, professional and most importantly AFFORDABLE. Take it from me. Don’t get burnt by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Go with the true EXPERT and Master Electrician. Go with MG Electric.
— Anonymous